CLASS OF 1968: Back Row (l-r): Ingred Titus, Trevor de Bruin, Winston Coerecius, William Gentle, Bernard Levendal, Michael Titus, Padraig James, Cecil Whiteman. Middle Row (l-r): Marianne Richter, June Fredericks, Diana Volkwyn, Yolanda Smith, Daphne Williams, .Elaine Petersen, Zeenat Harneker, Charmaine Johnson, Hilary Callaghan, Elaine Kearns, Stephanie Diedericks. Front Row (l-r): Lynette Falken, Najma Waglay, Margaret Estherhuizen, Mercia Raaff, Zaida Begg, Mr J Bekkers (Mathematics & Physical Science), Abduragman Isaacs, Leslie Julius, Neville Lintnaar, Shaukat Karjeker, Glen Volmink. Absent: Richard Losper

This photograph from the mid-1950s aptly captures the spirit that prevailed at the time in which students, staff and parents enthusiastically supported all events

Founding Principal

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JUNE 1976

by Roger Ronnie

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1987 - 2017

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Marvin van Schalkwyk our top standard nine student in 1993 being congratulated by Bruce Scheeperswith Ron de Kock.

Teachers’ march in 1993 to protest against rationalisation. Pictured are Lynton de Kock, John Hans and Ashley Jacobs.