Nihil Sed Optimus

Message from the Principal

The Athlone High School Staff and Principal encourage all our families to stay safely indoors during the Covid 19 lock down. Online learning is not the same as classroom learning and we are also aware that not everyone has access to the internet. We are sending you the following e-learning links from the WCED to get you started. More messages will follow after this one. We have to wait on the National Government for clarity on when schools reopen.

Yours faithfully, The Athlone High Team

Look after your emotional well-being

  1. Find time to meditate or just be quiet.
  2. Practise relaxation techniques.
  3. Go into your garden or simply open the window and breathe fresh air.
  4. Call a loved one, don't text.
  5. Keep a gratitude list.
  6. Write, paint, bake.
  7. Channel your time and energy into something positive.